Mindfulness is often seen as a modern-day buzz word – but it really works! In this hectic world we live in, we are sometimes so busy and distracted that we don’t take time to stop and connect with ourselves. 

By allowing ourselves to be in the present moment, knowing what is happening as it is happening, we are able to disengage from the pressures of life, and just be.

Mindfulness is a journey

I began my mindfulness journey as a very stressed mum with a toddler and a baby, feeling like there was no escape from the pattern of bouncing between baby and child’s needs. I felt the pressure rising within me and I had no idea how I would cope when I went back to work. 

Mindfulness was my escapism, my little bit of ‘me’ time; I found it calmed my mind, helped to manage my emotions and significantly reduce my stress levels. As I developed a regular practice, I found myself being less reactive and snappy and becoming more accepting, loving and kind; I genuinely felt like a nicer person. 

Having directly experienced these benefits to my home and work life, I wanted to share them with others and I now teach the Mindfulness Association’s 8-Week Mindfulness Based Living Course (online and face to face) and enjoy sharing mindfulness with community groups, corporate groups and schools. 

Mindfulness Sessions

8 week Mindfulness Based Living Course

Do you ever feel stressed or overwhelmed in your work or home life? Or that life is one long ‘to do’ list? Perhaps you find that your brain just won’t switch off or you feel like you are on autopilot all the time, missing out on the rich experience of life..? That used to be me! 

I would like to introduce you to the 8 week Mindfulness Based Living Course, developed by the Mindfulness Association, taking you on a journey of personal awareness and development.

The next 8-week course starts on Monday 19th September, with a free starter session on Monday 5th September.

Mindfulness with animals

Spending time with animals has been scientifically proven to increase our wellbeing, making us feel happier, calmer and reducing anxiety levels. On a physical level it can help to increase our immune function, pain levels, lower blood pressure and heart rate.

We can learn so much about being mindful from the animal kingdom and spending time with animals in a mindful way can be a beautiful experience.  Animals live in the present moment, free from judgement and they know how to have fun! It is wonderful to connect with the energy of animals in an intimate way and hard not to take on their attributes of relaxation, curiosity and play. Earning their trust and knowing that they feel safe with you is an honour and privilege in itself, warming the heart. Larger animals like cows, horses and tapirs often have a calm presence and slow heart rate which helps us to feel calm and soothed, whilst smaller animals like monkeys, goats, meerkats have a more playful energy making us smile and laugh. Often our domestic pets, dogs and cats can give great emotional comfort and support.

Giving ourselves the time to connect with animals on a physical and emotional level allows us to really be in the present moment and to leave all our worries behind. My favourite animals to be mindful with (apart from my two collies) are tapirs. Their calm and gentle demeanour and obvious pleasure in being groomed leaves you feeling joyful, grateful and warm inside knowing that you are able to connect with these lovely animals and help them feel calm and happy too. 

Mindfulness with Animals is part of a retreat day I’m running with Armathwaite Hall and the Lake District Wildlife Park.

Mindful Writing for Calm and Relaxation

Words can be a wonderful way to connect with how you are feeling. If you are interested in writing or using writing to help you relax and unwind, my friend and creative writer Alys West offers mindful writing sessions in small, supportive groups. I often join and find them incredibly relaxing, uplifting and fulfilling.

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