Moon Magic – Living by the Moon & Full Moon Women’s Circles 

Full moon rising about the trees during our Full Moon Women's Circle in Cumbria


Full moon rising

I wonder if you feel the energy of the full moon as she rises?

I have always had a strong connection with the moon, needing to know where she was in her cycle, feeling the pull of the full moon energy which drew me outside, often barefoot, in the middle of the night. Over the last few years my connection and intuition has developed and I have found myself falling into a spiritual practice of honouring the moon at each of her phases, aligning my energy with hers and in the process, learning much about myself. It has helped me significantly with my own personal development & growth and I’d love to share some of this with you. 

The experience of the moon can be heightened when we come together in a circle. In fact Women have come together in circle for thousands of years but in recent times this connection and sisterhood have been forgotten, when perhaps we need it the most! The power of our collective energy is amazing! 

Full Moon Women's Circle being held in a forest with women sitting in a circle around a ceremonial fire.


Full moon women’s circles in the forest

I began my women’s circles because I felt there was a need to reconnect with the old ways and our ancestral roots, to work with the cycles of nature and the moon to inspire and empower us; resurrecting the traditions that we have lost in our modern world. I also wanted to create a safe and sacred space for women to be women and come together to laugh, cry, sing or howl at the moon, and to realise our amazing potential! 

As women we often put a lot of pressure on ourselves, as does society. Many of us still follow traditional roles in the home whilst going out to work and caring for children/parents/pets etc., making out that our lives are just peachy when actually we’re bloody exhausted! The moon teaches us that we can’t shine brightly all the time. Even the moon needs a bit of down time, in fact for three days we can’t even see her! We can learn so many lessons from the moon and you can find out a bit more here

We can also chart our mood, menstrual cycle and pretty much anything by the moon. When we look at this over a series of months we might notice particular patterns, feelings or behaviours at different times in the lunar cycle. This can prompt us to change the way we do or plan things, give ourselves a bit of downtime when we need it or organise a party or event at the best time for us. I have a free moon chart here that you can download and fill in. 

Full moon image

The full moon, a time when we can also shine bright, is a time for celebrating what we have achieved, to be proud of and grateful for what we have created for ourselves. But it is also a time for forgiveness and for releasing anything that no longer serves us. Each full moon has a different name, theme and energy, dependent on the time of year, and helps us to live in harmony with the seasons. 

So, what happens at a full moon women’s circle? In the depths of the forest (well, a 5-minute walk from the carpark) surrounded by nature under the glow of the full moon we come together in circle. Calling in the elements we celebrate and harness the lunar energy with meditation & visualisation, releasing what we no longer need through fire ritual, focusing on manifesting our desires and sharing with other women in a supportive and nurturing circle. This is a sacred space to tell our stories, laugh, cry, and ‘be’ with each other in a confidential and safe environment. Then we drink tea, eat cake and have a good old natter! 

If you are local to the Lake District or on holiday, I would love you to join me in the forest. I keep the cost low so the sessions are accessible to all. You can book on a circle here.

Or, if you are a bit further afield or overseas, you can join my Facebook group Moon Sisters for regular guidance on living by the moon. 

These circles and Facebook group are for women+. Please join if you identify as a woman in any way. 


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